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Insights Board created before v1.0.9 have limited functionality.

An Insights Board presents the findings from your workflow, such as visualizations, tables, and notes, in a customizable layout. It can be shared with other users in your organization and can be updated continuously if it's created on top of a live data source, such as a database.

An Insights Board is interactive. Investigate data in your charts, adjust visualizations, and page through tables just as you would in a session. You can also customize the layout of the panels within the Insights Board.

IB homepage

Insights Board Panels

Each chart, note, and table published to an Insights Board occupies its own panel.

Interact with Panels

Each panel can be moved around the Board and resized. To move a panel, click and hold the header, and then drag the panel to its new position. Release the mouse to drop the panel. To resize a panel, click and drag the corners or the left, right, and bottom edges.

You can also resize the panels using Layout in the sidebar by selecting from Default, Wide, and Thin layouts.

IB panel interactions

Hover your mouse over a chart for details, change slider values, zoom in on sections, double-click to return to the full-sized chart, and more.

Change Canvas Zoom

You can zoom in and out on the Insight Board's canvas using the Zoom button in the sidebar.

Zooming in and out on the IB canvas

Manage Panels

The Manage Panels button on on the sidebar menu opens the Publication Library. The Charts, Tables, Variables, and Notes tabs each include two tabs called Unadded and Added, that show the items associated with the current Insights Board.

IB Publication Library

After you've published charts, notes, or tables to an Insights Board, you can remove them from the Board by clicking the X at the upper right corner of the panel. They are removed from the Board, but still accessible in the Publication Library.

Add a Removed Panel to the Board

  1. Click the Manage button from the sidebar menu.
  2. Select the type of panel from the sidebar menu and then click the checkbox next to the panel you want to add back to the Board.
  3. Click the Add Item button. The panel will appear both in the Added tab and on the Insights Board.

Publication Library Add Item button

Permanently Remove a Panel from the Insights Board and from the Publication Library

  1. Click the Manage button from the sidebar menu.
  2. Select the type of panel from the sidebar menu and then click the checkbox next to the panel you want to permanently delete.
  3. Click the Delete Item checkbox.

Publication Library Delete Item button

Use the Search field to find panels in the tab selected.

Publication Library Search

Refresh Content

Click the Refresh button to refresh your charts, tables, and notes. This reruns the underlying workflow that created the chart or table and updates it with any changes in the data. Each panel has a timestamp showing when the content was last refreshed.

You can also refresh an Insights Board from a session by entering Refresh the insights board <board> where <board> is the name of the Insights Board you want to refresh.