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Version: 0.22.2

Share Workflows

You can share a saved workflow with another user with the Share skill, or you can:

  1. From the homepage, click the Workflows page.
  2. Select the workflow to share.
  3. Click the Share button.

Homepage workflow share button

  1. Select the users to share the workflow with.
  2. Select whether they are an Editor or Viewer of the workflow.
  3. Click Save.

Homepage workflow share form

Collaborate on a Workflow

You can also use the Collaborate skill to work with another user in real time by temporarily granting them access to your account, including your workflows, files, and databases. When you end the session, the user you’re collaborating loses their temporary access to your account.

To begin collaborating on your workflow with another user, enter Collaborate on this workflow with in the chat box, then select or enter their email address. The number of collaborators appears next to the workflow name.

Collaborate on a workflow

On the receiving side, the workflow appears in the Active Sessions section of the homepage. You, the sender, are listed as the workflow's owner.


The users you want to collaborate with must have DataChat accounts in your organization.

When the receiver opens the session, they see the exact same content in the chat history and display panel as you do. From here, you and the receiver can work on the workflow together in real time.

Export a Workflow

Use Export to export your current workflow or a saved workflow to your computer as a DataChat Workflow file:

  • To export your current workflow (without saving it on the sever), enter Export the current workflow to <name>.
  • To export a saved workflow, enter Export the saved workflow called <name>.