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Version: 0.18.3


After you've loaded data into your session, the next step is to explore your data before diving in to your analysis. By exploring your data first, you can better understand the types of data you're working with, the quality of your data, and understand some general statistics about your data to help you set a baseline. Describe, Search, and Sort are the main skills used to explore a dataset.

Hover a Dataset

When hovering a dataset, you can:

  • Adjust a column's width.
  • Sort displayed columns.
  • Hide columns.

Grid column hover controls

You can also:

The Dataset Button

Use the dataset button to:


When using a skill on a dataset, the generated dataset is returned as "[Dataset] v2" or the next incremental version value.

the dataset button


To describe the dataset:

  1. Select Describe. Refer to the Describe reference page for more information.
  2. See the output tables in the chart panel.

Or you can enter Describe the dataset <dataset name> in the chat box.

Describe a Column

If you'd like to only describe a certain column:

  1. Click the Column button on the sidebar.
  2. Enter the name of the column to describe.
  3. Click Submit.

describe a column

Describe a Dataset in Detail

You can also Describe a dataset in detail, giving more in depth summary statistics on your data.

To describe your data in detail, enter Describe the current dataset in detail in the chat box.

To search the dataset:

  1. Select whether to search all of the available datasets or a single dataset.
  2. If you chose to search a single dataset, select the dataset to search.
  3. Choose whether to search for a specific string or a pattern.
  4. Enter the string, value, or pattern to look for.
  5. Click Submit.

the Search form


To sort the entire dataset:

  1. Select the columns to sort by.
  2. Choose if you want the columns sorted in ascending or descending order.
  3. Click Submit.

the Sort form