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Version: 0.22.2

Use Visualizations

The plots, charts, graphs, and matrices created in DataChat are interactive. You can explore the data points, zoom in on a particular area, pan around the chart, edit a charts contents, change how data is shown when hovering the mouse, and more.

The Mode Bar

The mode bar can be accessed through the ellipses (...) in the corner of the plot, or for some charts, the mode bar can also be accessed through the right-click menu. This bar is home to several tools, that allow you to, from left to right:

  • Publish to an Insights Board.
  • Copy the chart link.
  • Export the chart as an image.
  • Export chart data.
  • Add a caption.
  • Open the Plot Form or Edit Mode.
  • View notes on how much of the data was cleaned before plotting.
  • Use the associated dataset.
  • Preview the workflow.
  • View the chart in a larger window.
  • Zoom in or out.
  • Toggle the box select.
  • Toggle the lasso select.
  • Clear selections.
  • Pan.
  • Autoscale the chart.
  • Reset the axes.

Chart mode bar


If your chart has a slider, you can select the play button to view how the chart changes between each slider value.

Chart play slider button

Export a Chart

You can export a chart as a .png file or the data used to create the chart as a .csv file. See Export Button.

Save a Chart

A chart saved within one session is available across all user sessions, with Listall the saved charts and Showthe saved chart <chart name>.

To Save a chart from within an existing session, enter in the chatbox:

Save the current chart as <chart name>

Delete a Saved Chart

To delete a saved chart from all existing sessions, enter in the chatbox:

Forget the saved chart <chart name>