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Version: 0.18.3

Share a Chart

There are a few ways to share your work with others:

  • You can use the + button to publish a chart to an Insights Board. You can then share that Insights Board with others in your organization.

    post to workplace button

  • You can use the link button to copy a link to the chart. You can then send that chart to somebody else. They can then open the link in their browser and interact with the chart.

    copy chart link button

  • You can export the chart as a PNG image to your computer. From there, you can send the image over email, in a chat, with a text message, and more. You can click the export button in the upper corner to download the chart:

    export chart button

  • You can download the dataset that was used to create the chart by clicking the file download icon in the corner of the chart. A CSV file is then downloaded to your computer:

    plot download dataset button

  • You can also use Share to share the chart with another DataChat user. Refer to the Collaborate section for more information on using Share.