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Version: 0.18.3

Explore a Chart

The plots, charts, graphs, and matrices created in DataChat are interactive. You can explore the data points, zoom in on a particular area, pan around the chart, edit a charts contents, change how data is shown when hovering the mouse, and more.

The Mode Bar

The mode bar can be accessed through the ellipses (...) in the corner of the plot, or for some charts, the mode bar can also be accessed through the right-click menu. This bar is home to several tools, including, from left to right:

  • Publishing to an Insights Board.
  • Copying the chart link.
  • Exporting the chart.
  • Exporting chart data.
  • Adding a caption.
  • Opening Edit Mode.
  • Using the associated dataset.
  • Viewing in a larger window.
  • Zooming in/out.
  • Toggling the box select.
  • Toggling the lasso select.
  • Clearing selections.
  • Panning.
  • Autoscaling.
  • Resetting the axes.

chart options

The right-click menu contains shortcuts to several options, including autoscaling the chart, switching the drag and hover modes, toggling the mode bar, toggling the slider, and more.

right click options


If your chart has a slider, you can select the play slider icon to view how the chart changes between each slider value.

play slider button