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Version: 0.18.3

Select a Dataset

While working with your data, you might generate different versions of wrangled and cleaned datasets. By default, DataChat uses the most recently loaded or versioned dataset. However there are a couple ways to switch which dataset set you're using.

The Version List

The version list is an easy way for you to reference different versions of your work on a given dataset. You can select a versioned dataset using the version list dropdown. Click the version number button on a table or chart to see the list of available datasets.

the Use button

If you have multiple datasets loaded into a session, the original dataset is listed at the top of the dataset panel, and their corresponding versions listed in the version list.

dataset dropdown

dataset dropdown

The Use Skill

The Use skill lets you switch to a different dataset (that's already been loaded into DataChat). For example, if you wanted to switch from a dataset called Titanic v4 to a dataset called Titanic v1 you can enter Use the dataset Titanic v1 in the chat box.