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Version: 0.24.3

Create Recipes

Data science recipes describe all of the steps taken in a project from data ingestion to transformation to analysis. As you work in a session, your steps are recorded and can be saved as a recipe. The recipe can then be edited, replayed, and shared as needed.

In this chapter:

Save a Recipe

To save your current session as a recipe, click Save in the sidebar. The Save form opens.

Save recipe form

  1. Click Recipe.
  2. Enter a descriptive name for your new recipe.
  3. Optionally, select Overwrite to overwrite an existing recipe with the same name.
  4. Click Submit.

This saves your session as a recipe object, which you can access from the Recipes section on the homepage. Interim modifications to notes are not included in a saved recipe all modifications to a note are captured in one Modify line.

To improve recipe replays, some skills are not included in saved recipes:

  • Collaborate on this recipe with <user>
  • Connect to the view <view name>
  • Create a new alert <alert>
    • a new API <api name>
  • Export the current recipe to <file name>
    • the saved recipe <recipe name> to <file name>
  • Forget the alert <alert>
  • List all alerts
  • Publish the <object>
  • Replay the recipe <recipe name>
  • Save the current chart as <name>
    • the current session as
    • the defined expressions to <file>
  • Share the connection <connection name>
    • the file <file name>
    • the recipe <recipe name>
  • Subscribe to the alert <alert name>
  • Unsubscribe from alert <alert name>

Save a Trimmed Recipe

If you've spent a lot of time exploring your data, calculating different values, and plotting charts, you might want to save a recipe that includes only the tables and charts you actually need.


To save a trimmed recipe, you must be in Notebook mode.

To save a trimmed recipe:

  1. Select each of the tables, charts, and notes you want to keep using the checkbox in the header.
  2. Click the Save button in the toolbar.
  3. Give your recipe a name.
  4. Click Submit.

saving a trimmed recipe

The resulting recipe contains only the steps necessary to create the selected charts, tables, and notes.

Save a Copy of a Recipe

  1. From the homepage, click the Recipe page.
  2. Select the recipe to copy.
  3. Click the More button.
  4. Click the Save As button, then enter a new name for the copy.

saving a copy of a recipe