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Version: 0.18.3

Add Content to an Insights Board

Add Charts, Notes, or Tables

To publish charts, notes, or tables to an Insights Board:

  1. Open a session.

  2. Create charts, notes, or tables you would like to present. Or, use Replay to use items from an existing workflow.

  3. Save the chart, note, or table.

  4. Publish the chart, note, or table to your Insights Board using either of the following methods:

    • Click the Publish button (+) on the chart, note, or table and select an existing Insights Board (or create a new one).

    publish button for an insights board

    • Use the Publish skill to send the chart, note, or table to an existing Insights Board.

      For example, to publish the chart called "Survivors" to the Insights Board called "TitanicSurvivors", enter Publish the chart called Survivors to the Insights Board called MyIncite as SurvivedAge.

Navigate to your Insights board:

  1. Return to the homepage by clicking on the DataChat button.

  2. From the Featured or Insights Boards sections, click on your saved Insights Board. If publication is successful, all published items appear:

    insights board with published items

Hover over charts, notes, or tables to:

  • View headers and take relevant actions.

  • Move and resize the panel the Insight Board.

    insights board with published items

Add more items to your Insights Board by repeating the steps above.

Edit Chart Fonts

After you publish a chart to an Insights Board, you can use the Edit button to change the sizes of the fonts:

After a chart has been published to an Insights Board, you can use the Edit button to change the sizes of the fonts in the chart:

Edit or Preview a Chart's Workflow

You can use the Edit the Chart's Workflow button to both preview the workflow that created the chart and open that workflow in the Workflow Editor if you need to make changes. Refer to the Edit a Workflow section for more information.

the edit workflow button and workflow preview window

Add Widgets

Widgets are useful for quickly highlighting a simple metric, such as a trend, in a way that's easier to read than a small table. For example, you might create a widget that shows which way your sales data is trending, instead of using a table:

sales widget

Create a Widget

There are two types of widgets:

  • Summary-only. Shows only a total (such as total sales).
  • Summary with trend. Shows a total along with a trend.

To create a summary-only widget:

  1. In a session, create a table that has only one row and one column.

  2. Click the Edit mode button.

the edit button

  1. Click the Toggle template button (the pencil) to turn the table into a widget.

the toggle template button

  1. Click the Save button to save the table as a widget.

the save button

  1. Click the Publish button (+) to publish the widget to your Insights Board.

To create a summary with trend widget, repeat the steps above, but create a table with one row and two columns. The first column should be the total, while the second column should be your trend, such as positive or negative percentage. For example:

summary with trend table

Save Changes

To save any changes you've made to your Insights Board, click the Save button in the toolbar. When you come back to the Insights Board, your saved changes become the new defaults.

the Save items button

Create a Copy

You can make a copy of your Board using the Save As button. You can find the copy on the homepage.

the save as button