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Version: 0.17.6

Get Help

The Help skill is a valuable tool for learning about everything DataChat can do and helping you if you get stuck.

To access all of DataChat's help content for the skills available at your selected skill level, simply enter Help to view a list of available commands. If you need more targeted help for a specific skill, such as Plot, you can enter something like Help me Plot to restrict the output only to content related to Plot. You can use free-text search terms to try and find the skills you need. For example, if you're trying to break your data into chunks, you can enter Help me chunk data to find skills, such as the Bin skill, that might be able to help you.

DataChat Support

You also have the option to schedule a meeting to speak with our support team about your data and analytics questions.

To schedule a support meeting, click the Help button on the top right of the screen, then select Support Office Hours.

DataChat support button

To schedule a meeting:

  1. Select a date and time to meet with a support team member.
  2. Click Confirm to confirm the date and time of your meeting.

date and time form

  1. Enter your name.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Optionally, add additional guests' information.
  4. Optionally, include details to help us prepare for the meeting.
  5. Click Schedule Event to schedule your meeting.

meeting details form

Other Resources

Skills Reference

The Skills Reference page provides more in-depth information on skill formats, parameters, outputs, and examples.


Templates are a useful too to view step-by-step walkthroughs of how you can use DataChat to explore, manipulate, and better understand your data.