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Version: 0.35.7


Share lets you share a file with another user at your organization. Note that using Share is different from using the Collaborate to work on a session with a different user at the same time.


Share has a single format: Share the file <file name> with <user emails>.


Share uses the following parameters:

  • file name (required). The name of the file you want to share.
  • user emails (required). The user to share the file with.


If the sharing is successful, the platform returns a success message.

If the sharing is not successful, the platform returns an error message.


To share a file called "Q1_Sales.csv" with Mark and Raj, enter Share the file Q1_Sales.csv with,

To share a database called "SalesDB" with Mark and Raj, and to have it appear to them as "Q1SalesDB," enter Share the database SalesDB with, calling the shared database Q1SalesDB.

To share a connection (including the credential information) called "Inventory" with Beth and Tina, enter Share the connection Inventory with credential data with,