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Version: 0.35.7


Refresh lets you refresh existing Insights Boards and data from connected databases to keep them updated.


Refresh has several formats:

  • Refresh the Insights Board <Insights Board name>
  • Refresh the snapshot <snapshot name>


Refresh uses the following parameters:

  • Insights Board name (required). The Insights Board to refresh.
  • snapshot name (required). The snapshot to refresh.

Make sure your connection file is available to DataChat. Refer to Load for more information.


If the Insights Board is successfully refreshed, the recipes associated with its contents are replayed and a success message appears in the log. Otherwise, an error message appears.


To refresh an Insights Board with the name “Board1”, enter Refresh the Insights Board Board1.

To refresh a snapshot with the name "Snapshot1", enter Refresh the snapshot Snapshot1.