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Version: 0.35.7


List lets you see all of the collaborative sessions, tables, phrases, and more, that you've either created in the current session or that you've saved from previous sessions.


List has several formats:

  • List all the active collaborative sessions
  • List all the datasets (in the database <database>) (and <visualize the schema>) (and <calculate the row count>)
  • List all the events
  • List all the scheduled insights board refreshes
  • List all the scheduled recipe replays
  • List all the stored <expression types> (for the dataset <dataset>)

From the Management App, for users with access, the following skill patterns are available:

  • List all active users
  • List all apps
  • List all email domains
  • List all organizations
  • List all the active collaborative recipes
  • List all tokens
  • List all user sessions
  • List all users
  • List apps for user with email


List uses the following parameters:

  • calculate the row count (optional). When listing datasets, you can specify whether to include row count for each dataset.
  • dataset (optional). When listing stored expressions, you can specify the dataset associated with those expressions.
  • database (optional). The database whose datasets to list.
  • expression types (required). The type of expressions to list.
  • visualize the schema (optional). When listing datasets in a database, you can create a graph showing the relationship between the datasets based on their primary and foreign keys.


If there are objects to list, a table is shown in the display panel containing the list of objects available to you. If there are no objects to list, an empty table appears in the display panel.

Note that if there are more than 30 datasets in your session, database, or snapshot, the output table does not include the number of rows in each dataset unless the calculate the row count parameter is used.


To list all of the events you've created, enter List all the events.