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Version: 0.35.7


Forget lets you remove datasets, charts, models, expressions, and more from DataChat. Forget can remove some of these objects from your session's temporary storage (such as datasets) or from your file storage directory in DataChat entirely.


Forget uses several formats:

  • Forget all the datasets except <dataset names>. Removes all of the datasets in your session except the ones you specify.
  • Forget the saved chart <chart name>. Removes the specified chart from your session.
  • Forget the datasets <dataset names>, version <datasets version>. Removes the specified datasets from your session.
  • Forget the model <model name>. Removes the specified machine learning model from your session.
  • Forget the snapshot <snapshot>. Removes the specified snapshot from DataChat entirely.
  • Forget the API <API>. Removes the specified API.
  • Forget the expressions <expressions>. Removes the specified expressions.


Forget uses the following parameters:

  • dataset (required). A comma-separated list of datasets to keep (when using Forget all the datasets except...) or forget (when using Forget all the datasets...).
  • version number (optional). The version number of the dataset to forget.
  • chart (required). The name of the chart to forget.
  • model (required). The name of the machine learning model to forget.
  • snapshot (required). The name of the snapshot to forget.
  • API (required). The name of the API to forget.
  • expressions (required). A comma-separated list of the expressions to forget.


If the object is successfully removed, a success message appears in the chat history. Otherwise, an error message appears.


To remove all of the datasets in your session except the ones called "DeviceInventory" and "FirewallLogs," enter Forget all the datasets except DeviceInventory, FirewallLogs.

To remove the saved chart called "Campaign1," enter Forget the saved chart Campaign1.

To remove the datasets called "DeviceInventory" and "FirewallLogs," enter Forget the datasets DeviceInventory, FirewallLogs.

To remove a model called "PredictiveModel1," enter Forget the model PredictiveModel1.