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Version: 0.35.7


Flip lets you flip a column's contents by a delimiter, such as a dash. For example, a column containing "B-064" would flip to "064-B".


Flip uses a single format: Flip the column <column name> on the delimiter <delimiter>.


Flip uses two parameters:

  • column name (required). The name of the column you’d like to flip.
  • delimiter (required). The delimiter you want to use to flip the column. This can be a number, letter, or symbol. A space (“ “) is the default delimiter.


If a column is successfully flipped, a success message appears in the chat history and a new dataset with the flipped column is created. Otherwise, an error message appears.


Values in the Cabin column are often listed as “level-room number,” such as "A-23". To flip the Cabin column, enter Flip the column Cabin on the delimiter -.