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Version: 0.32.2

Manage Your Account

Profile Menu

Click your profile icon to access the profile menu.

profile menu


Click Billing to view billing information including subscription tiers, invoices, and usage limits.


Under the Subscription tab, you can view your subscription's status and renewal date. The next payment amount, due date, and payment method is listed on the right. You can also click Change Subscription to change your current plan, or Cancel to cancel your current plan.

subscription tab


Under the Invoices tab, you can view your subscription in more detail, including the tier, start and end date, payment method and totals, and invoice.

invoice tab

Usage & Limits

Under the Usage & Limits tab, you can view your total session counts, session cells created, and monthly Ask requests.

usage tab

Change Password

Click Change Password to reset your current password. If you've forgotten your password, log out and click forgot password.

change password

Log Out

To log out of your account, click Log Out.