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Version: 0.32.2

Welcome to DataChat

Datachat infographic

What is DataChat?

DataChat empowers you to analyze data your way with our generative AI, intuitive interface, and powerful analytics tools. Our platform replaces complex Python and SQL queries, facilitates collaboration, and offers visualization and analysis capabilities. Upskill your data science game with DataChat.

Behind the scenes, we use DataChat Guided English Language (GEL©), a comprehensive no-code language that translates user requests into English-like syntax. This language allows for reproducibility, collaboration, transparency, and integration with other platforms. With DataChat, your organization can govern artifacts, promote collaboration, and empower your team.

Generative AI

DataChat's Ava and Ask tools utilize advanced large language model (LLM)-powered analytics capabilities, providing a ChatGPT-like interface for a wide array of data science functionalities. These include data wrangling, exploration, visualization, automated insights, and predictive modeling, making them accessible to all users.

By leveraging Ava and Ask, individuals can easily harness the power of their data, construct analytics pipelines, and enhance business outcomes through simple conversations. No coding is necessary to achieve these benefits.

Data Engineering

DataChat's generative AI and intuitive point-and-click forms empower users with powerful data engineering, wrangling, and preparation capabilities:

  • Effortlessly fill in missing values, calculate averages, and generate pivot tables without the need for intricate formulas or interfaces.
  • Leverage built-in annotation support to enhance understanding of even the most intricate datasets.
  • Develop replayable and shareable recipes that foster transparency and trust, ensuring clear step-by-step records for every data product, including machine learning models.

Data Discovery

DataChat offers automated analytics and visualizations that deliver intuitive, statistical data summaries, streamlining the process of data exploration.

  • Accelerate the discovery of trends and insights with unprecedented speed and efficiency.
  • Harness the power of recipes to automate repetitive tasks across various stages, from data engineering to exploratory analysis.

ML-Driven Insights

DataChat's machine learning tools cater to a diverse range of users, from business professionals to data scientists.

  • Reveal interesting patterns within your data, enabling valuable insights.
  • Streamline complex machine learning concepts, such as cross-training and cross-validation, through automated optimization, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • Automate routine functions, freeing up time for data teams to focus on more critical tasks.

Community Centric

GEL fosters collaboration and co-creation across functions, while Insights Boards and recipes provide a collaborative environment for visualizations and narratives, stimulating discussion.

  • Facilitates real-time collaboration, co-creation, and iterative processes across teams and departments.
  • Insights Boards and recipes offer a shared space for visualizations and narratives, encouraging interactive discussions.