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Version: 0.32.2

Guided Learning

This chapter explores Insights Boards in DataChat using a Titanic dataset. For this example, we'll create tables and charts about ticket fares to add to an Insights Board.

Load Data

  1. Open a new session
  2. Load the "Titanic Dataset" CSV file.
  3. Double-click on "Unnamed" next to the DataChat icon to rename the session. Let's call it "TitanicObjects".

Create Objects

Let's create a couple of objects from this dataset that we can add to an Insights Board.


  1. Click Dataset > Compute to open the Compute form.

  2. Enter "average" for the aggregate, "Fare" for the column, and "AvFare" for the new column name.

  3. Select "Pclass" as the grouping column.

  4. Click Submit.

    compute form

    A new "titanic_Compute" dataset is created in the dataset panel, showing the "AvFare" for each "Pclass".

    compute dataset


  1. Click Plot in the sidebar to open the Chart Builder.

  2. Select Bar Chart for type, "Age" for the X-Axis and "Fare" for the Y-Axis. By default, "Average" is the Y-Axis Aggregate.

  3. Under Optional Fields, select "Pclass" for Slider.

  4. Click Submit.

    chart builder

Let's create a second chart to examine "Fare" vs. "Survived":

  1. Click Plot in the sidebar to open the Chart Builder.

  2. Select Violin Chart for type, "Survived" for the X-Axis and "Fare" for the Y-Axis.

  3. Under Optional Fields, select "Pclass" for Subplot.

  4. Click Submit.

    chart builder

Add Objects to an Insights Board

Now that we have objects created, we can create an Insights Board to add them to.

Create an Insights Board

  1. In the chart panel, click the Publish (+) button on the violin chart.

  2. Click Create Insights Board and Publish.

  3. Enter "Titanic Board" for the name, then click Submit.

    create an IB

Add Other Objects

  1. In the chart panel, scroll to the bar chart.

  2. Click the Publish (+) button.

  3. Select "Titanic Board".

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the "titanic_Compute" dataset.

    publish to an IB

Edit and Use an Insights Board

Open an Insights Board

To view our Insights Board, "Titanic Board":

  1. Return to the homepage.

  2. Click Insights Boards in the sidebar.

  3. Double-click "Titanic Board".

    open Insights Board

Move and Resize Object Panels

Let's say that we'd like to organize our Insights Board so that the charts are along the left side and resize the "titanic_Compute" dataset so that it is larger.

  1. Move the panels by clicking the top of the panel and dragging to the desired position.
  2. Resize the panels by clicking and dragging the edge of the object panel.

move and resize panels

Create an Annotation

Let's say we'd also like to make an annotation about the "Average Fare vs. Age" bar chart to call out that "Average Fare" decreases as "Pclass" increases.

  1. Click Annotate in the sidebar.

  2. Enter "Average Fare decreases as Pclass increases".

  3. Click Submit.


    The annotation appears on the Insights Board. You can move and resize it, like other panels, to your desired position.

Edit Charts

From an Insights Board, we can also edit our "Average Fare vs. Age" chart. Let's say we'd like to change the color to purple:

  1. Click Edit mode.

  2. Click Customize to open the customizable option.

  3. Click the Color button, and select the purple option.

  4. Click Submit.

    chart colors

Remove Objects

Let's say that we no longer need our "titanic_Compute" dataset. We can remove the panel by clicking the Remove Publication (X) button.

remove panels

Add Back Removed Objects

Now let's add the "titanic_Compute" dataset back to our Insights Board:

  1. Click Manage in the sidebar.

  2. Click Tables.

  3. Select "titanic_Compute", then click Add Item (+).

    add panel

    The "titanic_Compute" dataset is readded to the Insights Board.

Refresh an Insights Board

Let's say we expect changes have been made to the underlying data associated with "Titanic Board". We can refresh our Insights Board to rerun the underlying recipe and apply and changes by clicking Refresh in the sidebar. You can also hover an object to display the most recent refresh.

refreshed IB

Share an Insights Board

Now that we have our Insights Board finalized with refreshed objects, we can share it with others using a link. To share "Titanic Board":

  1. Click Share in the sidebar.

  2. Enter the name of a user to share with. You can remove users by clicking the X next to their role.

  3. Optionally, you can make the Insights Board public by clicking the Make Public button. This creates a link to "Titanic Board" that you can copy and share with anyone outside of your organization.

    share IB form