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Version: 0.32.2

Open Ava


Ava is currently in beta.

Ava is built on Ask and offers a simple, chat-based interface where you can enter freeform questions about your data and leverage generative AI to produce insights. Note that Ava currently does not include all of the features of Ask, including editing the GEL steps created to produce your insights.

You can open Ava from the DataChat homepage. From the purple banner at the top of the page, click Try the beta. This opens a new page that contains the following main components:

  1. Sidebar. You recent conversations will appear here. You can collapse the sidebar by clicking the arrow button.

  2. New Conversation button. Create a new conversation with Ava here.

  3. Example datasets. Click an example dataset to open a new conversation. You can follow along with our corresponding practice projects

  4. User profile. Here you can view your settings, change passwords, or logout.

  5. Feedback button. This opens a form where you're able to provide feedback on your Ava experience.

    Ava session