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Version: 0.29.3

Work with Others

DataChat provides several ways to work with others in your organization.

Share Objects


Once you've created a chart or table, the chart menu includes four options for sharing

chart menu

From top to bottom:

  • Click the Copy link to clipboard button to generate a URL that is copied to the clipboard. When the recipient clicks on the link, the interactive chart opens in a browser window.

  • Click the Export chart button to download the chart as a PNG file. Unlike the browser link described above, the static image is not interactive.

  • Click the Export the chart's data button to download the dataset that was used to create the chart as a CSV file.

  • Click the Publish button to publish a chart to an Insights Board. You can then share the Insights Board with others in your organization.


A dataset selected in the dataset panel includes two options for sharing.

panel Grid table menu

  • Click the Publish button to publish a table to an Insights Board. You can then share the Insights Board with others in your organization.

  • Click the Export table button to run the Export skill. The selected version of the dataset in the table is saved as a CSV file and the success message in the chat panel displays the link. Click on the link to download the CSV.

Homepage Objects

There are two ways to share databases, files, folders, Insights Boards, snapshots, and recipes with other users:

  • The Share button within each homepage sidebar section.
  • The Share skill from within a session.

From the Homepage

From the homepage, you can use the Share button to share an object with other users.

  1. Select the specific DataChat object to share.

  2. Click the Share button.

    homepage share button

  3. Select the users with whom to share.

  4. Select whether they have "Viewer" or "Editor" permissions.

  5. Click Save.

    homepage share dialog

Using the Share Skill

From the GEL input field within a session, you can use the Share skill to send files and snapshots to other users.

  • To share a file with another user, enter Share the file <name> with and select or enter their email address.

  • To share a snapshot with other users, enter Share the snapshot <snapshot name> with and select the user emails with whom you want to share the snapshot. Optionally, add the extension calling the shared snapshot <shared snapshot name> to rename the snapshot as you share it. You can also share a snapshot that was created with the Share by you (or shared with you) by entering Share the snapshot with and selecting the user emails with whom you want to share.

On the receiving end, the shared files and snapshots can be viewed in the File Manager (Settings > Files or user icon > My Files). The receiver can use the file, snapshot, or recipe in skills such as Connect and Load.

Collaborate with Others

With the Collaborate skill, you can work with another user in real time by temporarily granting them access to your account, including your recipes, files, and databases. When you end the session, the user you’re collaborating loses their temporary access to your account.

To begin collaborating on your recipe with another user, enter Collaborate on this recipe with in the GEL input field, then select or enter their email address. The number of collaborators appears next to the recipe name.

Collaborate on a recipe


On the receiving side, the recipe appears in the Active Sessions section of the homepage. You, the sender, are listed as the recipe's owner.

When the receiver opens the session, they see the exact same content in the chat history and display panel as you do. From here, you and the receiver can work on the recipe together in real time.