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Version: 0.20.7


Launch lets you create and run a Jupyter notebook. You can then work with one or more of the datasets in your current session inside the notebook.

When Launch begins, a temporary directory is created which holds the specified datasets. The temporary directory is removed when the Launch finishes. The system also attempts to log in to Jupyter Hub using the email address associated with your DataChat account. If no Jupyter Hub account is associated with your email, a new one is created.


Launch has a single utterance: Launch Jupyter notebook with the datasets <datasets>


Launch uses only the <datasets> parameter, which is the list of datasets to use in the Jupyter notebook.


If the notebook is launched successfully, a success message is shown in the chat box with a link to the notebook.

Otherwise, an error message is shown in the chat box.


If you wanted to open a Jupyter notebook to work with the dataset called "Titanic" (which already exists in your current session), enter Launch Jupyter notebook with the datasets Titanic.