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Version: 0.20.7


From the homepage, click the Workflows tab to open the Workflows page to show all saved workflows.

Homepage Workflows Page

Replay a Workflow

After you've saved your workflow, you can replay your workflows either from the homepage or from within a session.

From the Homepage

  1. Click the Workflows page.
  2. Double-click the workflow to replay.

For example, if you will receive a new version of your dataset next month, upload your new dataset to replace the older one, double-click the workflow to open a new session and perform the same analysis on your updated data. If you wanted to use a different dataset, you could click the Replay one step at a time button under More and edit the dataset's name in the session.

Step-by-step replay

Outputs Minimized

If you'd prefer to minimize the outputs in the display panel except the last three, click the Replay with outputs minimized button under More.

outputs minimized replay

You can also enter in the chat box: Replay the workflow <workflow name> with outputs minimized in the chat box to run the entire workflow at once, with all but the last three utterance outputs minimized in the display panel.

In a Session

You can also replay workflows in a sessionin the chat boxwith Replay

Enter in the chat box: Replay the workflow <workflow name>


If you want a workflow to be automatically saved and verified, it must be replayed as the first step in a session.

You can also replay a workflow one step at a time. Enter in the chat box: Replay the workflow <workflow name> one step at a time and use the toolbar to step through the workflow with the following options:

Replay workflow toolbar

  • Execute the action. Perform the next action.
  • Continue the replay. Continue the workflow without pausing.
  • Add an action. Add a new action to execute before the next action.
  • Skip an action. Move to the next action.
  • Cancel the replay. Stop replaying the workflow.

If the workflow encounters an error while replaying (such as a database or column name that has changed), the replay pauses and switches to a stepwise replay (if it isn't already in one). Adjust the utterance that generated the error and continue the replay.

Schedule a Workflow to Replay Later

You can schedule a workflow to run on certain days and at certain times:

  1. Make sure you've saved your workflow.
  2. Enter in the chat box: Schedule the workflow replay for <your workflow> on <days> at <time> <time zone> where:
    • days is a comma-separated list of days on which the workflow should replay.
    • time is the time (in 24-hour format) at which the workflow should replay.
    • time zone is the time zone to use.

Reschedule a Workflow

To reschedule a scheduled workflow replay, enter in the chat box: Reschedule the workflow replay for <your workflkow> on <days> at <time> <time zone> to <new days> at <new time> <new time zone>.

Delete a Scheduled Replay

To delete a scheduled replay, enter in the chat box: Delete the scheduled workflow replay for <your workflow> on <days> at <time> <time zone>.

View All Scheduled Replays

To view all of the scheduled replays, enter either in the chat box: List all the scheduled workflow replays to see only the workflow replays, or List all the events to see both workflow replays and Insights Boards refresh schedules.

Display a Workflow

You can also view a workflow as a workflow diagram. The workflow diagram shows a top-to-bottom flow of utterances used in your session. To view a workflow diagram, enter in the chat box: Display the workflow <workflow name>.

display workflow

The displayed workflow is also interactive. You can play the workflow step-by-step using the play button, or you can click on individual nodes to view the workflow's lineage. You can also show all nodes by double-clicking the display.

interactive display