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Version: 0.20.7

Configure Settings

Before you get started, we recommend configuring some key settings. To open the the Settings menu, click the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

General Settings

On the General page, you can configure the following platform-wide settings.

the general settings page

Legacy Workflow Editor

Opt into our legacy workflow editor by clicking the Legacy workflow editor toggle.

Utterance Timeout

Configure how long (in minutes) a skill can run before the user is prompted to interrupt the skill or extend the amount of time given to the skill. By default, this timeout is disabled, so all utterances run to completion.

Session Settings

On the Sessions page, you can configure the following session-specific settings.

the sessions settings page

Set default mode

Choose which mode a new session opens in. By default, new sessions open in Grid mode.

Automatically minimize outputs in Notebook mode

Click this toggle "On" to minimize the output to the Notebook mode display panelsuch as tables and chartsexcept the last three. When you open an existing session, the fully expanded outputs appear in the display panel of Notebook mode. This speeds up load times and allows you to better manage the outputs of your session. By default, this toggle is "Off" and opening a new session displays all outputs.

Automatically enlarge charts and some tables in Grid Mode

Click this toggle "On" to show a popup in Grid mode of all charts and some tables. When you close the popup, the chart or table is shown in the chart history. By default, this toggle is "On".

Show sample of current dataset

Click this toggle "On" to display a popup that shows a sample of the current dataset when you type in the Notebook mode chat box. By default, this toggle is "Off" and typing in the chat box does not display a popup.

Show data recommendations when starting a session

Click this toggle "On" to display recommendations for data to load in a session, based on your past usage. By default, this toggle is "On".

Set Profile Avatar

By default, your profile avatar is the first letter of your name. To change your avatar:

  1. Click your avatar icon.
  2. Click the camera button.
  3. Select a new profile image from your local files.

profile page