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Version: 0.13.5


Welcome to DataChat's documentation. DataChat is an all-in-one solution for your data.

Grid mode offers a more visual and directed experience than Notebook mode and is recommended for intermediate users who are working on single spreadsheet problems but want more control than the Search mode. In this mode, your datasets are the focus, taking up most of the screen, and your utterances are constructed through forms that make it easy to work with your data.

However, Grid mode has less functionality than Notebook mode, so DataChat recommends that more advanced users use Notebook mode if more complicated analysis is needed.

The Grid mode has five main pieces:

  1. Buttons to switch between Notebook, Grid, and Search modes.
  2. The available datasets are shown as tabs at the top of the dataset panel. Clicking a tab switches to the corresponding dataset. Double-clicking a tab lets you rename the dataset. Datasets with a lock next to them are read-only; performing actions on them first copies the selected dataset to the "current" dataset and then performs the action on the "current" dataset. Any available versions of the dataset appear next to the dataset's name.
  3. The buttons in the toolbar launch the skill forms used to create utterances. Related skills are grouped together.
  4. Any charts are shown in the chart panel.
  5. Your utterances and Ava's responses are shown in the chat history. You can also enter utterances in the chat box like you would in Notebook mode.